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That completely depends on you and the type of website you want.

Generally, we can have a site hosted within an hour and emails set-up directly after meaning you can email almost immediately.

Depending on how quickly you get our questionnaire back to us we can generally have your site themed and styled up within 2 days and ready for your content.

In general a Business website can be ready in less than two weeks.

An eCommerce site is about the same, but then you (the owner) has to populate his/her stock and catalogue.

Not to worry. Get in touch and we can arrange more email addresses for a small fee. These can be added quickly and will not affect your monthly maintenance charge.

Of course. All we need is one months written notice and we will take all the necessary steps to remove your website from the rest of the world.

Because of the large effort required in hosting and setting up a website, your site must have been live for at least 3 months.

There is no fee to cancel your site.

We would have little reason to restrict anything on your site, after all it is yours.

However, if any content is deemed to be illegal, inciteful to hate (e.g. racial slurs) or contain underage sex/nudity then we would  immediately close your site and very likely be reported to the authorities.

We will try our hardest to procure the name you want. However, it may already be taken. We will discuss exactly what is available when you sign up.